Mastering Time - Part 1


Mastering Time - Part 1


Mastering Time is a 3 part course I developed to deliver a comprehensive college level course at a fraction of the cost. In this first part of the series I share a wealth of ideas to help you understand time, manipulate it, bend it, break it up and exploit its relative nature. I go over working with click, working without click, time syncing, feel and rate change. 

Included is:

60 Minutes of video course in 1080p

16 pages of exercises (PDF's).

Transcriptions of all the performances(15 Transcriptions/49 pages)!

A loop I used in a demonstration.

Music reference lists included categorized by genre, time signature, band, and drummer. 

"Advance Tempo" App Metronome Settings(.sla files)

**This is purely a digital product delivered via the inter webs! No physical copy available.