Single Pedal Lesson

I use an Iron Cobra Roll & Glide and my tension is very loose. I think I am able to have it that loose because I utilize a lot of rebound and because I predominantly use the slide technique. Although I have gone through periods of using pivot, heal down, and heal toe, I have found Heal up and slide to be the best technique for my style and the most natural for me. I think heal down is well suited for light jazz playing(feathering the bass drum so not much power). I think Heal toe is well suited for using triggers. And pivot is great for extended runs(consecutive 16ths or triplets). 

This lesson comes with a plethora of exercises to get your right foot playing complex patterns cleanly and that accuracy will turn to a deadly combo of speed and control.

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Permutation Loop Available

I am offering a loop based on the permutation concept. By permutating or displacing a single rhythm 7 different times I ended up with 8 similar, but slightly different rhythms. I then experimented with several different arrangements or orders of these rhythms and this is the order I found was most musical, effective, flowing/grooving and interesting. I then wrote a midi based loop to this permutation sequence so I could speed up and slow down at will. I have played to this many times at many different speeds and it was a great tool for organizing patterns and eventually spawning other patterns/variations off of those stock or original interpretations. After playing many times to these patterns I found I had greater control of the smaller details but lacked spontaneous inspiration. This is a phenomenon I often experience. It’s almost as if I’m too dialed into upholding the structure/order , cleanliness/execution and accuracy to see the bigger picture. When I have some space(days or weeks maybe even months) from these exercises, works or patterns and come back I often feel re-inspired and more free over the music. I’m not quite as accurate but this is a sacrifice I realized is worth making for my personal playing style. Maybe you’re different and tend to lean more towards spontaneity and could sacrifice some of that for a bit more order in your playing, but the point is that tools or obstacles like this can help us simultaneously become more conscious of who we are as artists/eople and develop what we can/will be. I know the quality of this video is not remarkable but I thought the information was worth sharing:) Comment you dig this type of nerdy education if you would like me to post more like this. I also have some clips at 121 BPM & 130 BPM. When you purchase the loop on my site it will come with 5 different audio files(5 different speed), a PDF as well as all the midi so you can import into Logic X(or whatever DAW you use) and have full freedom to change speeds.

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