Sick Permutation Loop

Sick Permutation Loop


I am offering a loop based on the permutation/displacement concept. By permutating or displacing a single rhythm 7 different times I ended up with 8 similar but slightly different rhythms. I then experimented with several different arrangements or orders of these rhythms and this is the order I found was most musical, effective, flowing/grooving and interesting. I then wrote a midi based loop to this permutation sequence so I could speed up and slow down at will. This tool will not only help you learn the concept of permutation but it will help you develop it in a musical context. I give you a variety of tempos so you can create in your comfort zone and then move those patterns up in speed. 



Permutation Loop MP3's  @78, 96, 121, 130 & 154 BPM

Permutation PDF

Midi for all parts(so you can throw it in your DAW and control all sounds and speeds)