As we first begin to learn our craft, we are trying to do everything and anything to improve ourselves. We end up doing a lot of extraneous work. In some ways its our own personal experiment to see the effect of each exercise/etude we do. We eventually end up streamlining though, using what is useful and throwing out what is not. We get better and better at- 1.) locating a problem 2.) devising a plan or strategy of fixing this problem 3.) carrying out this plan and calibrating it as we go forward to be more efficient. We are not just getting better at playing the drums, we are getting better at THE PROCESS! Some goals or dreams we have take years of work to manifest, and by the time we get to where we wanted to be years before, our goals and dreams have changed. The encouraging thing about it is that we are narrowing that gap between having the dream and manifesting it into reality every time we work towards the dream. We hope that one day we create our own utopia dream world (heaven on earth), and if not at least we tried and had some fun along the way :) -Peace!