Potential Unlocked

Once we understand we are all beings of infinite creativity, channels are unblocked. You set your mind free. You must believe its possible first. First an idea is birthed in your mind, then comes manifesting that idea into reality. This is what makes us artists. The end result is rarely exact to the idea, and this is something only the artist themselves(the perceiver) can see. This is why an artist is their own best and worst critic. As musicians, we get better and better at manifesting our ideas into reality. This is truly mind over body.
It takes a lifetime to develop our taste, condition our bodies, and refine our ideas as artists. Rome was not built in a day. Regardless of where you are in your journey there are ways to unlock your current full potential.
I tell myself I am the music. This makes focus not a task but a given, and rids the self of its ego. You become part of the music, it swallows you. The idea takes a highway to reality. Almost like an out of body experience. When you are the music, you are truly in the moment.
-Matt Garstka