Kit Mobility Lesson Pack - Matt Garstka


Kit Mobility Lesson Pack


Kit Mobility Pack-Each of these 4 lessons will help you with overall finesse and effortlessness on the kit. Open up your approach to the kit now! 

1. Speedy Singles
This economical approach allows you to blaze around the kit with less effort. Imagine what you would do with the same effort. Here I give my most useful single patterns including crossovers.

2. Strategic Sticking
Sticking often dictates how hard or easy it is to orchestrate something on the kit. By opening up your stickings, you open up possibilities on the kit. It will help you become more adept at economizing your own sticking patterns. Check out these odd sticking patterns and rudiment combos that will take you beyond the 40 essential rudiments.

3. Applying Rudiments to the Kit
We are given binary patterns and expected to magically apply them to the kit. In this I give you several ways to integrate these rudiments on the kit. In this we will explore rudiment combos in groove and chop contexts.

4. Flam Madness Lesson
This lesson has excessive use of FLAMS! But, if you love flams as much as I do, you will want to go deep with me in this lesson ;) Includes a written sheet of all 26 examples.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Lessons are available as .mp4 video files, available as a digital download as soon as you purchase. Check out the YouTube preview of the lesson on the left (above on mobile).